Meet Our People

Our people are the heart and soul of our organization. We consider ourselves an extension of our customers’ teams and roll up our sleeves to help them solve problems and improve performance. It’s second nature for our teams to dive in and stick with our customers through their ups and downs. Meet our team.

Our corporate team may not be on the “front lines,” but they help keep us running. From strategic planning for our organization to day-to-day management, this behind the scenes crew supports our teams, clients and our mission to provide smart sanitary solutions. Meet the team.

Our Systems Integration team takes the complex pieces of the sanitary processing system puzzle and pieces them together expertly. We help our clients create systems that work to make their facilities leaner and more efficient. Meet the team.

Rodem’s Sales & Marketing team are advocates for our clients. We offer world-class customer service and industry expertise partnered with top-notch innovation and technology to help clients save money, boost productivity, increase yield and improve sustainability. Meet the team.