Recorders & Controllers

  • Designed specifically for sanitary fluid processing applications
  • Paper & pen process recorder or paperless digital process recorder
  • Simple set up & easy to use
  • Variety of recorders & controllers to choose from

Anderson-Negele offers technicians and engineers a wide range of professional tools. All Anderson devices have been designed with the practical experience and knowledge to create measuring devices that meet today’s demands.


PPR Paperless Process Recorder


The Anderson-Negele Paperless Process Recorder(PPR) and Legendary™ cloud software is an innovative solution to help you streamline recording of process data, creation and management of legal records, and secure storage of those records for state and third-party audit.




IO-Link Master with USB connection for control and programming of all Anderson-Negele IO-Link devices


200 Micro-based 1/4 DIN Single Loop Controller


Microprocessor based 1/4 DIN single loop controller


600 Micro-based 1/4 DIN Controller with Programmable Setpoint Profiles


Microprocessor based 1/4 DIN single loop controller with profiles


AJ-300 Recorder / Recording Controller


Single or dual channel drag pen recorder with 12″ circular chart


AV-9000 Recorder / Recording Controller


Multiple input annotating recorder with 12″ circular chart


GK 1/8 DIN Panel Meters


Analog and digital panel meters offering multiple control and alarm outputs, optional serial communication and specialized functions on analog input units


801 Micro-Based 1/8 DIN Controller


Microprocessor based 1/8 DIN single loop controller




Programming device for internal sensor parameter of Anderson-Negele modular platform


BC110 – Batch Controller


Electronic display with integral PLC to control a batch process application


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