Sanitary Process Piping

Sanitary process piping transports materials at various stages of the manufacturing process, from raw ingredients to finished products, and plays a crucial role in food and consumer safety. It is a key component of any food, beverage, or other consumer goods manufacturing process. 

In food and beverage manufacturing, the term ‚Äúsanitary‚ÄĚ refers to the construction and design of systems and equipment. They are designed to meet stringent regulations for hygiene and cleanliness. Sanitary process piping systems are built and designed to reduce the risk of contamination of consumable products, maintain product integrity, and increase shelf-life.  

Considerations for Sanitary Process Piping


There are several key factors to consider when designing and installing a sanitary process piping system. Rodem’s SaniSmart Solutions team can assist with both intricate and simple process piping systems based on the needs of your processing facility while keeping these considerations top of mind. 



Selecting the right piping material is one of the most important considerations when designing a sanitary process piping system. Food and beverage manufacturers should select a material that will resist corrosion, can handle high temperatures, and is simple to clean and maintain. Stainless steel is widely used for these applications, but certain types of stainless steel work better for more acidic or corrosive products. Consult an expert to see which material is best suited for your process.



It is critical for food and consumer safety to design sanitary process piping systems to eliminate harborage points for bacteria. Each weld, joint, and bend should be carefully designed so that they are easy to clean. Surfaces should be smooth and crevice-free to minimize opportunities for contamination.  



Proper and thorough cleaning procedures are non-negotiable for food and beverage manufacturers Sanitary process piping systems should be designed so that they are easy to clean, disassemble, and reassemble where needed, and can withstand the rigorous cleaning solutions and routines found in food and beverage manufacturing plants.  

Smart Sanitary Piping Design  

Rodem ensures the efficient movement of liquids through precise design and installation of sanitary process piping systems within your sanitary process  

Leveraging their years of experience, our SaniSmart Solutions team of expert engineers and fabrication technicians consider your manufacturing objective to find a sanitary process piping solution that best fits your needs.  

When properly designed and installed sanitary process piping systems enhance operational efficiency by facilitating the seamless movement of materials and ensuring proper cleaning procedures are simple to execute. Trust Rodem to provide the right material, design, and installation to ensure consumer safety and brand reputation. 

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