Sanitary Processing Equipment

Since 1971 Rodem has supported the processors who feed America by offering industry leading sanitary process components coupled with sanitary processing solutions to the essential industries we serve. Whether you are looking for innovative technology for food grade pumps, valves, instrumentation, heat transfer, cleaning equipment, plant supplies, homogenizers or any other food processing equipment, we can meet your sanitary processing equipment demands.

These sanitary container evacuation systems are designed for better plant efficiency, safety, and ergonomics. 

Find solutions to your processing and production bottlenecks while ensuring you deliver a premium quality end product.

Our line of brewery and cellar equipment delivers high-quality, robust, built to last and innovative brewery and cellar equipment. 

Optimize plant cleaning processes to maximize uptime and minimize downtime to ensure efficiency.

Select from energy efficient cooking-cooling kettle options for your sanitary process. 

Find elastomers equipped to stand up to the pressure and temperature of sanitary processes.

Rodem offers a full line of durable filling solutions including, hygienic liquid fillers, net weight fillers and capping systems.  

Rodem represents a full line of efficient heat exchange options from the industries top manufacturers. 

Exceed requirements for performance, reliability, cleanability and sterilization.

Choose from off the shelf or custom designed and fabricated magnetic separators manufactured to sanitary standards.

Maximize your productivity, improve product shelf life and control expenses with superior mixing technologies. 

Find efficient packaging and material handling options from Rodem. 

Recover product that would have been otherwise lost, reduce cleaning time and improve sustainability with pigging systems.

We learn your process and provide proven solutions to meet your specific sanitary process hose applications. 

An in-depth understanding of the sanitary industry ensures we can find the pumping solutions to meet your unique application. 

Whatever your process, we can deliver a homogenizer customized to meet your specific sanitary processng needs. 

Simplify your plant supply shopping and find everything you need in one place with Rodem. 

Sight glasses are engineered components, for precise pressure, temperature, corrosion resistance, thermal stress and impact.

Our high quality installation materials are carefully selected for supreme hygiene and weldability.

Separate liquids and solids with outstanding precision and minimal operational cost. 

Explore endless options of tanks and processors from leading manufacturers.

Save energy and optimize efficiency with non-chemical Sanitary Processing UV technology for disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction & UV dechlorination.

Rodem’s extensive selection of sanitary valves and automation solutions are designed to optimize sanitary processes.

Parts, Pumps & Fittings On-hand


Rodem stocks a large inventory of parts and components for well-known sanitary processing pumps, valves, homogenizers, fillers, fittings and more. Shop our web store now.


Sanitary Process Equipment Installation & Integration


In addition to providing industry producers with their process critical equipment, our team of system integration experts can help integrate the equipment into your existing process or customize a new solution. We ensure our clients get the best performance out of their sanitary processing equipment by understanding and supporting their overall operational goals.


Optimize Production, Reduce Waste & Minimize Downtime


Keeping up with the demands to produce safe and high quality food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical products is a constant challenge with today’s evolving marketplace.


Rodem is happy to offer a wide range of equipment for your sanitary process to:

  • Optimize production
  • Maximize raw material usage
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Minimize waste
Our industry leading partners manufacture sanitary process component solutions for heat transfer, mixing, cleaning, fluid handling and more. From simple, straight-forward solutions to complex equipment customized for your specific processing demands, Rodem can meet your sanitary processing equipment needs. Download a line card to see the full list of products we offer.
Discover the equipment options and contact a Rodem representative to learn about integrating our solutions into your process.