Sight Glasses

  • Ensure high quality end product for a variety of applications
  • Provides visibility to your process during various stages
  • Highly engineered to handle precise levels of temperature, pressure, corrosion resistant, thermal stress & impact
  • Options from industry leaders such as Alfa Laval, Dixon Sanitary, LJ Star, Steel & O’brien & more

Here at Rodem we understand the importance of monitoring your manufacturing process to ensure high quality end product for your food, beverage, dairy or other sanitary application. That is why we offer a wide array of sight glasses for your processing observation needs.


A sight glass, also knows as a window or view port provides visibility to your process within your processing equipment at a variety of stages throughout the process. It may see low tech, but sight glasses are highly engineered components, designed for precise levels of temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance, thermal stress and impact.


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Multiple Sight Glass Manufacturers


Rodem has access to a variety of sight glass manufacturers through our designated partnerships with top sanitary industry manufacturing companies. If you don’t see the specific item you are looking for in our web store. Some of our most common sight glass lines include:


  • Alfa Laval
  • Dixon Sanitary
  • LJ Star
  • Steel & O’Brien



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