LIAG Valve Technology

Hygienic Shutter Valves & Pigging Systems from LAUFER offer unparalleled quality and product safety for the low-germ processing of high grade media. Through distribution partners, like Rodem, Laufer Valve Technology brings years of experience on process engineering and a consistent focus on customer demands to deliver innovative technologies and customized system solutions.


LIAG Valves, from LAUFER Valve Technology Inc. are 3-A compliant and meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. The valves have no dead pockets, are CIP/SIP-able, pig-able, and easy to maintain, with limited number of wearing parts.


The LIAG product line includes a complete and effective product recovery system, including launching and receiving stations, diverting valves and pigs designed to pass through standard bends. LӒUFER Valve Technology, Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of LAEUFER International AG (LIAG), Germany.



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