Pigging & Reclaim Systems

  • Improve sustainability with less water, product waste, & chemical cleaning solutions
  • Reduce cleaning time & increase uptime
  • Maximize product yield & quality

Pigging systems allow food, beverage and other high purity processors to recover valuable product otherwise lost during production. Designed for the food, dairy, brewing, and beverage industries, these systems are suitable for your sanitary process, and will pay for themselves!


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Sanitary process systems cleaned with pigs are becoming increasingly important for hygienic operations. The increased interest can be credited to a variety of reasons, including:


  • Increased environmental consciousness
  • costly waste water treatment and product losses
  • superior hygienic standards
  • production streamlining

Minimize Product Loss & Clean Better


Our key pigging system partner the LIAG DMV key benefits include:


  • Minimal product loss
  • Safe separation of product – no mixed phases
  • Quicker changeovers
  • Maximum product quality
  • Less time consuming cleaning and waste water generation
  • Environmentally sound systems

Meet Stringent Sanitary Demands


Stringent demands are placed on sanitary system components. To help meet these demands the LIAG DMV pigging systems features 3-A rated CIP/SIP LIAG free flow shutter valves and specifically designed pig launching and receiving stations without dead pockets. Simplifying the modular component design, thread and clamp unions are virtually no longer needed, minimizing typical hygienic risk areas by design.


DMV Lip Pig is Reliable & Tight


The DMV pigging System works with a 2-seal lip pig and are hygienically designed. They offer superior cleaning effectiveness and are virtually free of wear.


The pigs are highly flexible and can pass tight radii (R= 1.5 x D).  These dynamic lip pigs are equipped with a magnet for location and control. A reliable seal with the pipe wall, the action of pressure and counter pressure forms the seal to the pipe wall, compensating for minor deviations in the pipe geometry.


Key Features

  • Sterile and closed pipe system
  • No dead pockets with LIAG CIP/SIP free flow shutter valves
  • Optimized cleaning result with dynamic DMV lip pigs
  • Capable of passing 90° standard bends (R= 1.5 x D)
  • Available with in-system cleaning of the pig
  • Optimally suited for hygienic processes and highly viscous fast hardening media, e.g. yogurt, dressings, soft cheese, chocolate, toothpaste, etc.
  • Optionally 3-A 101-00 and FDA compliance


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