Heat Exchangers

If you are in need of highly efficient heat exchange for any heat application in the sanitary industry, we can help. We represent a comprehensive line of heat exchangers for the high-purity business that can cover all of your processing needs, whether it is a particularly viscous product or limited space availability.

Many factors need to be considered when selecting a heat exchanger. Different substances react differently when heated or cooled. Some influencing factors include:

  • size and shape of fibers and particles

  • levels of fats and sugars

  • the presence of additives such as thickeners or spices


In addition to a wide variety of heat exchanger options, we are happy to provide heat and cooling solutions that optimize energy while minimizing downtime. See more about our heat exchange options from industry leading manufacturers.

Do you need to heat or cool sticky or viscous products? If so a scraped surface heat exchanger might be the answer!

Do you have a high viscous product you need to heat or cool? Tubular heat exchangers might be the answer to your application.