Maintenance, Repair, & Auditing of Sanitary Valves

At Rodem, we provide comprehensive valve maintenance solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations and high-quality consumer products for high-purity processors. As a trusted service partner of Weidner Technical Services, our experienced team of partner technicians delivers reliable and effective valve maintenance solutions that prevent costly downtime and equipment damage.

Why Valve Maintenace Matters

Neglecting valve maintenance can have serious consequences for consumer products and safety. Our comprehensive services are designed to:


  • maintain quality control 
  • ensure safe and efficient operations


We offer customized valve maintenance plans that fit your specific needs, including complete valve service for the nation’s largest manufacturers and plant audits to ensure critical valve spares are kept on hand.

Our Process

Minimize Recalls & Contamination Risks

Regular preventative maintenance reduces the risk of a damaged brand reputation and consumer safety concerns due to recalls.

Enhance Process Efficiency

Equipment maintenance ensures proper functioning process and equipment performance.

Extend Equipment Lifespan

A preventative maintenance program lengthens equipment lifetime and reduces capital expenditures.

Eliminate Waste

Properly maintained equipment conserves energy, minimizes waste and downtime.

Technicians you can Trust

Our team of partner technicians can also provide training and support to your maintenance and quality control personnel, ensuring that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently, and maintaining the integrity and quality of your products. Trust Rodem to be your partner in:


  • Ensuring safe operations
  • Increasing efficiency 
  • Maintaining product quality 

Let's Work Together

Brands We Service

Rodem is uniquely positioned to offer maintenance and repair services to a wide variety of the industry’s most recognized brand names. With decades of in-plant expertise, technicians are trained to meet the challenges of the increasingly technical equipment and processes.

Factory-trained by industry-leading, original equipment manufacturers means we can service multiple types of equipment in one visit, saving you time, resources, and money. Discover the value of Rodem’s Maintenance and Repair Services. Not only will you maximize efficiency and extend equipment life with preventative maintenance, but your staff will reap the benefits of these conveniences as well.








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At Rodem, we provide trusted valve repair services for your sanitary process. Choose Rodem as your partner for reliable and efficient valve repairs in the hygienic processing industry.