Valves, Actuation & Automation

Rodem’s extensive selection of sanitary valves and automation solutions are designed to optimize food, dairy, beverage, and other high purity processes.


Efficient and reliable product flow is critical to sanitary processes, and sanitary valves and valve automation have an important impact on performance and profitability. We collaborate with leading manufacturers to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and reliability for the valves and valve parts we offer.


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Our Primary Sanitary Valves Selection Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Alfa Laval Sanitary Valves
  • APV/SPX Sanitary Valves
  • Burkert Sanitary Valves
  • Habonim Ball Valves
  • LIAG/Laufer Sanitary Valves
  • QSM/Tru-Flo Sanitary Valves
  • StoneL Valve Communication


Our manufacturing partners offer valve solutions that are easy to install and maintain. Superior solutions provide optimal flow throughout your process ensuring that you get the most out of your raw materials. To monitor and control an efficient flow system, we can provide various options for accurate valve automation.


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Partner with Rodem to find efficient and reliable product flow solutions. Not sure what the best sanitary valve is for your job? A Rodem expert is here to speak to you about our valve offerings.

When hygiene is priority for your sanitary process system, trust our line of angle seat valves.

Our hygienic butterfly valves are the perfect simple solution for hygienic on/off use in sanitary applications.

Rodem promotes dependable check valves from sanitary industry leading manufacturers.

Mixproof valves deliver consistent and dependable performance, all while improving your process through increased efficiency.

Quality construction and sanitary design ensure plug valves are another solid option for your sanitary process.

Relief valves play a critical role in safe and efficient sanitary processing operations in a variety of high purity applications.

When sanitation and performance are essential to your process, rely on our line of industry leading sanitary sampling valves.

Built to a higher standard, we partner with leading sanitary industry manufacturers that offer reliable ball valve solutions.

Depend on Rodem to be your source for Sanitary Diaphragm valves for biopharm processing.

Consistent performance and sanitary design ensures this shutter valve will be a match for your high viscous application.

These hygienic stem or seat valves are engineered with an emphasis on valve handling, installation and maintenance for sanitary processes.

Upgrading valve automation may increase product reliability while lowering operating costs.