Heat Exchanger Leak Testing Services - Ensuring Safety and Uptime

Rodem understands the importance of maintaining and repairing sanitary processing equipment to ensure efficient and reliable operations. 

What is Heat Exchanger Leak Testing?

Our specialized Heat Exchanger Leak Testing service is designed for gasketed plate and tubular heat exchangers. It enables early detection of leakages and provides valuable insights into the condition of your plates and gaskets. Our proactive approach instills confidence in the reliability of your equipment and ensures the safety and quality of your products.

How Does Our Heat Exchanger Leak Testing Work?

Rodem’s Heat Exchanger Leak Testing employs a precise method to detect potential flaws. We utilize a non-toxic and non-flammable mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, which is pumped through your heat exchanger revealing any microscopic cracks, corrosion, or material fatigue.


Our advanced sensors detect any discharge of gas and identify the type of flaw including micro-cracks, corrosion, gasket failure, and more.


The heat exchanger test typically takes as little as 15 minutes per section, providing efficient and reliable results.

Benefits of Our Heat Exchanger Leak Testing:

Enhanced Product Safety

Improved Equipment Uptime

Environmental Friendliness

Regulatory Compliance

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Rodem is uniquely positioned to offer maintenance and repair services to a wide variety of the industry’s most recognized brand names. With decades of in-plant expertise, technicians are trained to meet the challenges of the increasingly technical equipment and processes.

Factory-trained by industry-leading, original equipment manufacturers means we can service multiple types of equipment in one visit, saving you time, resources, and money. Discover the value of Rodem’s Maintenance and Repair Services. Not only will you maximize efficiency and extend equipment life with preventative maintenance, but your staff will reap the benefits of these conveniences as well.

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Partner with Rodem for Reliable Heat Exchanger Leak Testing:

When it comes to heat exchanger leak testing services, Rodem is the trusted partner you can rely on thanks to our:


  • Experienced technicians
  • Advanced testing methods
  • Commitment to excellence 


By choosing our services, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is in capable hands.


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