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Rodem is committed to supporting the essential industries we serve. Not only do our people serve as an extension of our clients teams to help maximize efficiency and decrease downtime, we empower our customers through valuable educational resources at their fingertips.


Check out our Downloadable Tools section to find helpful tools for decoding part numbers, identifying equipment, understanding sanitary processing lingo and symbols and more.

Unsure of which seal, bracket, or actuator you need? Make quick work of researching Alfa Laval BFV parts with our part number reference guide.
Pinpointing the solution to an issue with your pump can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. Rodem’s manufacturing partner Alfa Laval has created a comprehensive guide to find the probable solution to your pump problems.
Easily identify turned up elbows, turned down elbows, outlet up tees, outlet down tees, etc. on piping plan views with this helpful key. Download it here for quicker identification.
Our helpful guide for decoding the digits of fitting part numbers allows you to easily identify fitting types. Ells, tees, adapters, clamps, and more are included for you to quickly reference.
Download Rodem’s Fitting Parts Cross Reference Tool to find the manufacturer part number that matches the fitting you are looking for.
Every industry has its own vocabulary, and the food grade pump industry is no exception. Download a copy of our food grade pumps terminology and nomenclatureglossary.
Not sure how old your Heat Exchanger Plates are? Check out our latest tool that will break down the code on your equipment to help you find the year it was manufactured.
Rodem engineers have put together a comprehensive set of symbol keys to use as reference when reading drawings and flow sheets. Download this key to help determine the difference between line symbols.
A useful reference tool for identifying a pump type if there is no information available or the name plate is gone.
Reordering gaskets, but not sure what size you need? Don’t guess! Get the right size for your process with our Newman Gasket Tri-Clamp Gasket Sizing tool.
Don’t know the size or number of your o-ring? Determining the I.D. and width can be a tricky measurement to make, so we have designed a tool to simplify the process.
Compare key specifications for AxiFlow Pumps against those of other pumps type. These specifications include suction capability, pressure, dry running capability, and mantineance.
Our engineering team has put together a cheat sheet for pump type symbols to use as a reference when reading drawings and flow sheets. Determine the differences between pump types in drawings by downloading the key.
A helpful tool for determining tri-clamp size, this chart is actual size. Simply place the clamp over the image for convenient and accurate ordering.
Rodem has compiled a list of guidelines to follow when choosing an elastomer for your sanitary process. Download the guidlines to see tempertaure ratings, benefits of using certain elastomers with specific materials, and more!
Download Rodem’s Sanitary Gasket Products Performance Properties Tool to find the sanitary gasket product that matches the performance you are looking for.
Find detailed pipe spec information including volume (gal/100 ft), weight dry or with water, and flow (GMP) at mean velocity. Download the piping reference guide and see the specss for pipes at 1/2″ to 8″ (tube OD).
Need a fast way to calculate the capacity of your sanitary tank? Here’s a tool we use at Rodem as a quick reference guide to determining round tank U.S. gallon capacity per foot of depth.
Download the Tri-Clover/Alfa Laval Fitting Guide to see part numbers, images, and tehcnical information of the entire Tri-Clover/Alfa Laval fitting line at a glance.
Our engineers have created this cheat sheet to reference when reading flow sheets and drawings. Download it here to identify the various types of valve symbols you might see in your next project.

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