Strahman Washdown Equipment

Through distributors, like Rodem, Strahman offers some of the highest quality and most–innovative wash down equipment available today.


Strahman’s entry into the washdown equipment market began with its involvement with the dairy industry. Recognizing a need for a high-performing unit that could distribute hot water for facility clean up, Strahman developed the first steam and cold water mixing unit. This lead to the development of mixing units that distribute hot and cold water as well as thermostatically controlled mixing unites. Having gained a reputation in this area, Strahman then focused its efforts to develop a complete line of nozzles and hoses. Today, their washdown equipment has become an industry standard.


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Explore Strahman’s Leading Product Line

No matter what hose you have Strahman adapters are made to meet your needs and allow full range of motion.

Made to comply with stringent sanitary proceesing industry regulations, Strahman Hose Assemblies are durable, efficient, and customizable.

Strahman hose racks and reels are designed to keep equipment accessible for ease of operation in busy facilities.

Water plays a crucial role in washdown and cleaning protocols and Strahman’s Mixing Hose Stations can meet these needs.

To keep your equipment running efficiently trust us for service kits,  replacement parts and tools.

Engineered to withstand misuse and demanding application Strahman spray nozzles are robust and designed to last.