Instrumentation & Measurement

We have partnered with the best in the business for sanitary process instrumentation. These products are designed specifically for the sanitary market, always focusing on dependability, accuracy, and cleanability. Avoid product loss and reduce utilities with dependable instrumentation and measurement devices.


The right instrumentation and measurement products can help ensure that you are meeting the performance, reliability, cleanability and sterilization requirements for your process.


Count on Rodem to provide you with dependable instrumentation for your sanitary process.


Conductivity sensors offer reliable and precise measurement for cost-saving CIP/SIP processes, production monitoring and quality assurance.

Count on Rodem to provide dependable tools for all of your sanitary processing flow measurement needs. 

Accurately and repeatedly monitor liquid height in your vessels with our line of level transmitters designed for precision.

Designed for PMO acceptance, Rodem offers fail-safe control options for secure pasteurization.

Optimize your process and protect against over-pressure and under-pressure situations for your sanitary processing system. 

Our level sensors offer the right measuring technology for all hygienic applications and even for foaming or pasty media.

Rodem offers devices from leading brands that have been designed with the practical experience and knowledge to create measuring devices that meet today’s demands.

Retorts are industrial pressure cookers used to sterilize a broad array of canned foods such as soups, sauces, canned meat and fish, to name a few.

Trust in Rodem to provide the most comprehensive line of temperature gauges, thermometers and sensors available on the market for the sanitary processing industry.

The inline analysis of media based on their turbidity values enables automated, high-precision application in many production processes and application areas