Packaging & Material Handling

Packaging & Material Handling

Improve process efficiency with packaging and material handling products from Dairy Conveyor Corp and Rodem.  

  • Rugged standard or custom-made components to fit process needs 
  • Tabletop conveyors for packaging & product handling 


From case stackers to cable conveyors, we can find the solution for your material handling and packaging needs. Our help clients find high-quality, dependable, and efficient solutions. Depending on the specifics of your operation, we will match you with the right equipment. 


  • Case stacker 
  • Dairy conveyors 
  • Tabletop conveyors 

Packaging & Material Handling Equipment Parts 


Rodem also offers a full line of parts to support sanitary processors packaging and material handling equipment. Shop our web store now or request a quote for your material handling parts needs. 

Packaging and Material Handling Equipment Benefits

Highly efficient

Customizable to meet your process needs

High quality

Integrated system controls

Types of Conveyors

Rodem is able to provide our customers with many types of conveyors from cable conveyors to plastic case conveyors to help them with any processing needs they may have. Our offering includes: 


  • Plastic case conveyors 
  • Gravity conveyors 
  • Stack conveyors 
  • Vacuum conveyors 
  • Powered roller conveyor 
  • Package conveyor 
  • Gravity conveyor 
  • Cable conveyor  

Need This as Part of a Custom Solution?

Rodem specialized in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

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