Maintenance & Repair Services for Hygienic Processing Equipment

Rodem understands the importance of maintaining and repairing sanitary processing equipment to ensure efficient and reliable operations and product integrity. 

Our maintenance and repair services are designed to:

Lower Operational Costs & Reduce Waste

By addressing maintenance needs promptly, we help you lower operational costs and improve overall efficiency. Regular preventative maintenance helps decrease utility costs associated with everyday operation and ensures equipment is operating at peak performance, resulting in decreased operation costs.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

Ensure you are optimizing your equipment’s lifespan with proper, ongoing service and repair. Our comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services covers various aspects of hygienic processing equipment.

Minimize Downtime & Optimize Uptime

Our technicians can quickly respond to your maintenance and repair needs, with a full complement of spares on hand, our team completes repairs efficiently, getting your equipment back online quickly. Regular maintenance keeps downtime to a minimum by performing service during scheduled downtime.

Decrease Maintenance Burden

Rodem’s factory-trained professionals can service multiple pieces of equipment in a single visit, saving you time, resources, and money while ensuring your equipment will be accurately and effectively serviced.

At Rodem we Specialize in:

Rodem is the trusted partner you can rely on. Our experienced technicians, advanced testing methods, and commitment to excellence ensure that your heat exchangers are thoroughly inspected and meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

We understand how critical accurate instrumentation is to your operational efficiencies. That’s why our factory trained technicians provide fast and reliable service for calibration, troubleshooting and start-up.

When it comes to pump repair services, Rodem is your trusted partner, specializing in sanitary and food-grade pumps. Our pump repair process is designed to ensure thorough inspection, analysis, and efficient restoration of your pumps.

Tank cleaning equipment is vital for maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and product integrity. Our tank cleaning equipment rebuilding services provides fast and reliable rebuilding for tank cleaning equipment.

At Rodem, we provide comprehensive valve maintenance solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations and high-quality consumer products for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, and other high-purity processors.



Maintenance & Repair Line Card

Keep your processes running at peak performance with preventative maintenance, repairs and rebuilds from Rodem. Learn more about our maintenance and repair capabilities by downloading a maintenance and repair line card.


Let's Work Together

Brands We Service

Rodem is uniquely positioned to offer maintenance and repair services to a wide variety of the industry’s most recognized brand names. With decades of in-plant expertise, technicians are trained to meet the challenges of the increasingly technical equipment and processes.

Factory-trained by industry-leading, original equipment manufacturers means we can service multiple types of equipment in one visit, saving you time, resources, and money. Discover the value of Rodem’s Maintenance and Repair Services. Not only will you maximize efficiency and extend equipment life with preventative maintenance, but your staff will reap the benefits of these conveniences as well.


Partner with Rodem for Reliable Maintenance and Repair Solutions

When it comes to maintenance and repair services for hygienic processing equipment, Rodem is the trusted partner you need. Our skilled technicians, factory-trained professionals, and extensive network allow us to deliver exceptional service and minimize equipment downtime. By partnering with us, you can conserve internal resources, maximize profits through peak operational performance, and ensure the longevity of your equipment.


Contact us today to discuss your maintenance and repair needs and how Rodem can provide customized solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.