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  • Variety of sizes, profiles & materials available
  • Manufactured using FDA & class VI materials for demanding sanitary applications 
  • Hygienic seals for dairy, food, beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical & other high purity applications 
  • Metal detectable option to ensure product safety
  • On-hand inventory & available for online purchase 

In the food, beverage and related industries there are a significant number of areas where two stainless steel pieces must be sealed. Elastomers are the materials used to seal these areas of sanitary process equipment and components. Elastomers are used in:


  • Valves- seats, stem seals, body gaskets and diaphragms
  • Pumps- body o-rings and shaft seals
  • Heat exchangers- between plates and followers
  • Separators- in sealing and rotating elements
  • Tanks- around manways and instruments
  • Process piping- at a wide variety of types and sizes of ferrules


FDA Compliant & Traceable Materials


For elastomers equipped to stand up to the pressure and temperature of sanitary processes, without compromising on effective leak prevention, count on Rodem for all of your elastomer needs. We represent elastomer brands who produce components designed and manufactured specifically for the sanitary industry. They are FDA compliant and adhere to material traceability requirements. This ensures product integrity and performance.



Large On-hand Elastomer Inventory


Our selection and large on-hand inventory includes various materials, colors, profiles and sizes. We are your one-stop gasket shop! Shop for elastomers in our web store now.


Not sure which elastomer you need for your application? Download one of our elastomer tools to help you decipher which option meets your needs.



Sanitary Gaskets for Hygienic Applications 


Count on Rodem for all of your sanitary gasket needs. The lines we represent produce components that are designed and manufactured to handle long-term sealing requirements. They are compliant to FDA and suitable for pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and personal care applications, our sanitary gasket inventory includes multiple sizes and materials, all for environments in which hygiene is critical. Shop for gaskets in our web store.


  • Manway gaskets
  • Sanitary gaskets
  • Screen gaskets
  • Orifice plate gaskets
  • Metal detectable & x-ray inspectable gaskets


O-rings for Sanitary Processing Applications 


If you are in need of O-rings for your process, chances are we have what you are looking for! Whether it is for pumps, valves, fillers or more, our comprehensive options from industry leading manufacturers will meet your needs. We can fill your O-ring demands whether it is just for a handful or thousands. Shop for o-rings in our web store .


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Ask us about our large gaskets inventory and various options of sizes, materials, and more. Get a gasket quote today or shop online in our web store !