Alfa Laval ThinkTopV20

Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20 is the perfect sensor for the food, beverage, dairy, personal care, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. This easy to install device has standard mushroom connections and offers easy installation.
  • 360° LED visual status indication is viable from all directions
  • 70 % faster, more intuitive setup than traditional valve
  • Can use digital, AS-I and IOLink to match process requirements


The Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20 received a IP69K rating for high protection from the ingress of high temperatures and pressure as well as dust. This excellent valve sensor is perfect for indoor and outdoor use in its fully encapsulated housing product unit. 


The ThinkTop V20 gives real-time information while saving historical data for traceability.  This cost-effective intelligent valve indication provides intuitive and reliable sensing of hygienic valves. Without expertise tools or special training the ThinkTop V20 can be replaced easily as a means to boost productivity. 

Alfa Laval ThinkTopV20 Product Benefits

Hygienic and aesthetic design

Indicates valve positions within ± 1 mm

360° LED visual status indication

Easy to upgrade

Compatible with Alfa Laval hygienic valves with standard mushroom connections

Precise Valve Tracking

Alfa Laval’s ThinkTop V20 can intuitively transmit the condition and status of valves position to any programmable logic controller (PLC) system using electrical feedback signals. This valve sensor can detect valve movement and position at any time using microchip sensors with an accuracy of ±1mm. The ThinkTop V20 valve sensor is compatible with all Alfa Laval hygienic valves, which boosts productivity by removing the need to readjust the sensors.

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