Botanical Extraction Equipment

Botanical Extraction Equipment

Rodem has partnered with industry leading Botanical Extraction Equipment manufacturers to bring both large and small scale, high quality extraction equipment to our clients. 

  • Oil & solvent recovery systems
  • Fast & Efficient Decarboxylation solutions
  • Distillation & dewatering system


Whether you are just starting out or looking to scale-up your operations, the extraction equipment in our line-up is sure to help solve your processing bottlenecks while ensuring you deliver a premium quality end product.



Wiped film evaporators, the final processing step, are designed for the separation of thermolabile compounds. It moves all VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and heavier components and leaves you with pristine oil. TruSteel EVO Wiped Film Distillation Systems are an ideal choice for purifying the heat sensitive compounds found in cannabis. Multiple stages combine to offer a continuous option to traditional distillation equipment.


The EVO Wiped Film Evaporator is built with modularity in mind. Start with a stand alone unit and build your way up to the ultimate distillation machine. Combining long and short path distillation provides greater flexibility to further purify your target compounds.


Alcohol recovery has become a major pain point for the industrial extraction industry. The TruSteel AutoVap Series is an ideal recovery solution for closed loop systems.


  • Break bottlenecks: fast, automated recovery times
  • Effective & efficient solvent recovery


Built by extractors for extractors, the AutoVap Series of Solvent Recovery Systems from TruSteel are designed and built in the USA. Only high quality parts are used to assure a long lifespan with outstanding service.

Benefits of Botanical Extraction Equipment

Eliminates risk of refrigerants leaking into the process

FDA 3A sanitary rated

Allows for draining and CIP

Effective & efficient solvent recovery

Maratek Oil Extraction Equipment

Maratek offers a wide range of equipment specifically designed for the cannabis and hemp industry. From Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction, Oil & Ethanol Recovery Systems, Ethanol Dewatering/Reproofing and Post-Processing systems, Maratek can provide the entire solution for your extraction facility. With decades of engineering experience, Maratek has brought its extensive knowledge into the cannabis industry to completely revitalize and automate current equipment standards.


Maratek Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction- Maratek’s Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction equipment is a critical first step to producing cannabis or hemp oils at an automated, compliant, scalable level. Processing levels from 100 to 100,000+ pounds per day of biomass.


Maratek Oil & Ethanol Recovery- Maratek’s recovery and decarboxylation equipment models, C and SC Series achieve 99+% ethanol recovery, handling between 50 and 40,000 Gallons/Day.


Maratek Reproofing & Dewatering- Maratek’s fractional distillation and dewatering system (F-Series) provides automatic ethanol reproofing / dewatering with secure remote access and control.


Maratek Automatic Winterization- Maratek TAWS series equipment provides automatic homogenization, winterization, filtration, ethanol recovery, decarboxylation and heated oil storage all in one process.


Maratek Post Processing Distillation- Maratek’s Wiped Film Distillation Systems run on a continuous operation basis with extremely short residence times and little exposure to heat providing the highest quality of cannabis oils.

Need This as Part of a Custom Solution?

Rodem specialized in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

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