• Anderson MPF-Modular Pressure Transmitter

    The industry's first fully modular sanitary pressure transmitter offers a state of the art sanitary design that delivers class leading performance and a reduced cost of owners with replaceable components.


  • Unique 7000 Seat Valve

    The Unique 7000 Series is an innovative new generation of Tri-Clover® single seat valves that are designed to meet the highest process demands of hygiene and safety. They’re built on a well-proven, platform from an installed base of more than one million valves.

    Unique 7000 Seat Valve
  • Saunders S360 Actuator

    The S360's modular range delivers optimum dimensional envelope and closure performance. Full 360° rotation of actuator allows flexible installation and air port alignment. The smooth corrosion resistant profile optimizes cleanability.


  • Atlantium R-200

    Water Safety

    Atlantium's UV solutions take water safety to levels never before acheived with other UV systems and without chemicals. Third party validated to FDA, PMO and EPA criteria, they provide guaranteed results and sustained performance at lower cost of ownership.


  • Unique Mixproof PMO Value

    This PMO Mixproof valve is based on the proven and exceptionally flexible design of the Unique Mixproof valves from Alfa Laval. It meets the criteria of the PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance) standards which state that both valve seats must be position detectable.


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