Maintenance & Repair

Discover the value of Rodem’s Maintenance and Repair Services. Not only will you maximize efficiency and extend equipment life with preventative maintenance, but your staff will reap the benefits of these conveniences as well.


Maximize Efficiency & Extend Equipment Life


  • Supplement your staff to meet preventative maintenance and repair requirements within limited time windows, resulting in minimized downtime and less stress on internal resources.
  • Technicians trained to meet the challenges of the increasingly technical equipment and processes.
  • Factory-trained by industry leading, original equipment manufacturers means we can service multiple types of equipment in one visit, saving you time, resources and money.


Alfa Laval Master Service Provider


Rodem is an Alfa Laval Master Service Provider. Additionally, our team operates a factory-trained Service Center out of Raleigh, North Carolina that offers offsite inspection, maintenance and repair on a variety of sanitary processing equipment including tank-cleaning devices, pumps and valves. Learn more about Rodem’s maintenance and repair capabilities below.


Pump & Valve Maintenance & Repair


Pump and Valve Services can help keep your processes running at peak efficiency, saving you time and money. Pump and valve preventative maintenance can save you the costly expense and headaches of unscheduled downtime. Rodem can supplement your maintenance department by providing expert service on a wide variety of utility and process pumps and valves.


Pump & Valve Rebuilding


Pump and Valve Rebuilding helps extend the life of this process critical equipment and prevent unexpected downtime. Rodem has the capabilities and resources to rebuild many of the key components in your facility. You do not have time for equipment failure to slow down, or even stop your production. Our Pump and Valve Rebuilding Services can help prevent this disruption.


Pump Refurbishing


Extend the life of your pumps at a fraction of the cost of new with Pump Refurbishing. Pumps are a costly investment, but Pump Refurbishing by Rodem helps you get the most out of every dollar!


Food Processing Equipment Repair


Proper repair and maintenance saves you money by extending your food processing equipment life, avoiding unscheduled downtime and production interruption and ensuring your process is operating at maximum efficiency.


CIP Maintenance


To help prevent quality, safety and downtime issues, you need your Clean in Place (CIP) system running at peak reliable performance. Preventative maintenance on your CIP by Rodem helps ensure just that.


Instrumentation Calibration                                                                                             

Instrument calibrations and repair are one of the best ways to keep batches on target to ensure proper formulation, reduce rework and maximize profits. Make sure your instruments are accurate with Instrument Calibration Service and Repair.


Filler Service & Repair


We know your fillers are critical to your production processes. Filler service from Rodem will ensure that they work properly. Prevent production problems and identify filling issues with Filler Service and Maintenance.


Homogenizer Service


Over time, homogenizers can lose their effectiveness, and can even fail. Homogenizer service from Rodem keeps your equipment running smoothly. Rodem understands that homogenizers are highly engineered, large pieces of capital equipment with very specific tolerances. Our partner service technicians are able to provide superior service through industry experience and factory training.


PHE Testing & Service


Avoid cross contamination and unplanned downtime with fast, accurate Plate Heat Exchanger Testing and Service. Rodem’s PHE Testing service with the Accusense test system can help identify leaks quickly, accurately and with minimal disruption to your system.


Choose Rodem for all of your Food Processing Equipment Maintenance and Repair needs. Our offering will prove a valuable asset to your plant’s performance.




Speak with a Rodem representative to learn more about food processing equipment maintenance and repair by completing our Get a Consultation form.