Dave Heheman

Dave HehemanProcess Engineer & Piping Designer

Office Phone: 800-543-7312 Ext. 113


The Rodem Engineering department was fortunate to welcome Dave Heheman to the team in 2018 to work as a Process Engineer and Piping Designer.


Dave holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA. Throughout his career Dave has been involved in process design, structural design and project management. He got his start in the sanitary process industry when he was tasked with repiping the “Little Smokies” cocktail sausage line and a couple of shampoo lines before his career at Rodem. He is still enthusiastic about the sanitary industry and truly enjoys the creation of a process that will have a lasting impact for a company.


Eager to learn, Dave enjoys getting involved in project work and is a great asset during the design process to help mitigate any unknown factors that will impact the installation process. He takes a creative approach to designing efficient and safe solutions for our customers.


Dave is a Cincinnati native and resident where he enjoys family time and outings with his 2 daughters, his girlfriend and her two sons. A true engineer, Dave loves building things and enjoys woodworking, snow skiing and would love to one day race cars Ralleycross style.