Alfa Laval Tubular Heat Exchangers

  • Designed for sludge-like products containing particles or fibers
  • Maintenance free installation = no required spares
  • Customizable design to fit available footprint

Alfa Laval Visco Line


Juices and viscous food, as well as many other products, often have high viscosity or contain all kinds of particles. In such cases, Shell and tube heat exchangers are often the most practical solution for heating or cooling the product.


Alfa Laval ViscoLine™ is a range of highly efficient shell and tube heat exchanger types that incorporates corrugated tubes or other advanced profiles designed to increase turbulence in the flow of the media to be cooled. This substantially increases the overall heat transfer coefficient.


ViscoLine Multitube Unit


The ViscoLine Multitube Unit is one of the most commonly used thermal transfer solution for viscous food. An ideal unit for heating, cooling and pasteurizing products with low to average viscosity, and products that contain fibres and small particulates.


ViscoLine Monotube Unit


The Monotube Unit is most frequently used for heat-treating products that contain large particulate matter, or have a high pulp or fiber content. The Monotube heat exchanger consists of a single tube mounted inside an outer shell.


ViscoLine Annular Unit


Annular models are used at greater viscosity levels where it is vital to apply heat to the product from both the inside and the outside at the same time, in order to prevent layering. In this tube-in-tube-in-tube model, the product flows between the inner and middle tube.


ViscoLine Regenerator Unit


The product flows counter-currently in the tubes and the media shell. This makes it possible to conduct product-to-product regeneration. The ViscoLine Regenerator Unit consists of a removable group of tubes mounted inside an outer shell, and welded onto tube plates at both ends.


ViscoLine CIP Unit


The CIP Unit is ideal for hot water and heating cleaning liquids. Products can contain fibers & small particulates.


Alfa Laval Tubular Heat Exchangers


The Alfa Laval tubular heat exchanger is specifically designed for sludge-like product which contains fibers and particles, making it perfect for heating and cooling of most wastewater sludge. The heat exchanger consists of a single tube mounted inside an outer casing tube, so that the product flows counter-current through the inner tube, with the service medium around it.


The unit features a fully welded construction with a bellow-on-shell tube to absorb thermal expansion. The Alfa Laval Tube-in-tube heat exchanger modules are typically connected in series and mounted on a frame. The shell tube is always smooth while the product tube is either corrugated or smooth depending on the application. The installation is maintenance free, thus eliminating any need for spare parts.


The layout of tube-in-tube heat exchangers can be customized to fit the available installation foot print or other customer requests.



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