Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchanger

Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchanger

An innovative way to prevent contamination, floating parts inside tubular heat exchangers eliminate thermal stress, which leads to cracks and corrosion.

  • Best-in-class food safety certifications
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • Capacity for 200 I/h 60,000 I/h


The Tetra Pak Tubular Heat Exchangers have been successfully used by the liquid food industry for decades. Through the combination of straight and corrugated tubes.  These heat exchangers offer minimal maintenance costs, peak performance, and long production time.


Tetra Pak offers 3-A certification for various applications and EHEDG certification for product-to-water (P2W) applications.

Tubular Heat Exchanger Product Benefits

3-A certified

Prevents contamination

Easy inspection and maintenance

Increased food safety

Saves energy

Increased Safety

In Tetra Pak’s tubular heat exchangers, the inner and outer tubes and the connections in the heat exchanger are floating, not fixed, or welded. Allowing contraction or thermal expansion in the tubes while eliminating the risk of cracking. This technology eliminates the risk of product contamination, secures easy exchangeability of parts, and enables the inspection of all parts.


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Prevent Contamination with Tubular Heat Exchangers