Endress+Hauser Compact Conductivity Device Smartec CLD18

Endress+Hauser Compact Conductivity Device Smartec CLD18

Endress+Hauser’s compact conductivity device Smartec CLD18 ensures effectiveness and efficiency in your processing facility.

  • IO-Link protocol makes for simple integration into your processing facility 
  • Its compact design allows installation in small tubes without restricting process flow


Endress+Hauser’s Smartec CLD18 is a cost-effective solution for use in beverage plants where small tubes are used or where the toroidal measurement is used as a switch function. The combination of a transmitter and a sensor is interference-free, easy-to-use. This device features a hygienic design that protects your products and processes from contamination. Smartec CLD18 ensures the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your plant thanks to fast and reliable CIP and optional IO-Link protocol.

Endress+Hauser Compact Conductivity Device Smartec CLD18 Product Benefits

3-A approval

Perfect for CIP application

Avoids contamination

Compliant with EG 2023/2006 and 1935/2004

Exact Measurements

The hygienic Smartec CLD18 measures toroidal conductivity in beverage applications:

  • Control of CIP processes in the return channel
  • Concentration control in remaking of CIP cleaning agents
  • Product monitoring in pipe systems, bottling plants
  • Beer – Push water interphase
  • Beer – Water cut for brewing lines
  • Leakage monitoring


Endress+Hauser’s CLD18 features the following protocols and interfaces:

  • 0/4…20mA
  • IO-Link (optional)


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