• Field calibration capability
  • Designed for retort cookers
  • Used to sterilize a large variety of canned foods
  • Ideal replacement for mercury-in-glass thermometers

Retorts are industrial pressure cookers used to sterilize a broad array of canned foods such as soups, sauces, canned meat and fish, to name a few. Even canned pet foods are regulated by the Code of Federal Regulations, a document that our instrumentation partner, Anderson helped amend to allow digital alternatives to the mercury-in-glass (MIG) thermometers that were originally specified as the only alternative for monitoring the retort process. Both the FD and our FH-3 and FH-4 comply with the requirements with thousands of them used today in canning plants around the world.


FD Digital Reference Thermometer


Digital indicating reference thermometer for pasteurization and retort applications.


FH3/FH4 Digital Temperature Gauge for Retort Applications


Dual element battery operated thermometer for Retort applications. Ideal replacement for Mercury-in-glass thermometers.


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