Tetra Pak High Shear Mixers

Tetra Pak High Shear Mixers

Tetra Pak mixers ensure consumers get the textures, sensations, and tastes they’re looking for in food and beverage products.  

  • Safe process 
  • Efficient processing 
  • Consistent product  


Every recipe starts with ingredients. To give your consumers exactly the product they are looking for, you need to mix these ingredients in the correct way, which can sometimes be complex. Mixing in a consistent, efficient and cost-effective manner; while assuring total food safety means staying in control of every aspect of the mixing process from start to finish. 


Tetra Pak has developed a comprehensive range of innovative high shear mixers that give you extreme control. Rodem and Tetra Pak have provided proven solutions for virtually any purpose: from simple mixing tasks to the most complex production demands. We offer a broad range of technologies give you the flexibility to choose the mixing principle that makes the most sense for your production needs, including: 


  • Batch Mixing: for high viscosity and lower volumes, the entire mixing process taking place in one vessel 
  • Recirculation Mixing: for lower viscosities and higher volumes, recirculation to bigger tanks to increase capacity 
  • Continuous Mixing: for the highest capacity needs, features optimized mixing flexibility 

Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer Benefits

Highly efficient

Ensured product safety

Proven mixing solutions

Variety of mixing options

High Shear Mixing Applications

Rodem’s experts will work with you to identify the ideal mixer for your processing needs and customize it according to your production demands. There are solutions for practically any application, including:


  • Dairy applications  
  • Beverages  
  • Prepared foods  

Whether you work with these or a wide range of other products, Rodem is here to help ensure your process runs efficiently.  

Need This as Part of a Custom Solution?

Rodem specialized in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

Tetra Pak High Shear Mixers Allow Flexibility & Hygiene