Scott Turbon Vacu-Blend Systems

  • Ideal for tricky powder induction applications
  • Directly integrating powders into a liquid stream increases efficiency
  • Improve product quality & boost batch efficiency
  • Streamline operations & ensure greater operator safety

The introduction of powders into a fluid process is a particularly challenging mixing application. By incorporating powders directly into a liquid stream, processors can:


  • Increase processing efficiency
  • improve your product quality
  • ensure greater operator safety


The Scott Turbon Vacu-Blend generates strong vacuum rates, pulling in powders and dispersing them lump-free into the liquid stream. Powders can be supplied from a variety of sources; pumping from small bags or drums, manual bag addition directly to the mixer hopper, or integrated with bulk bag unloading systems.


Boost Batch Efficiency


The Vacu-Blend will reduce batch times by up to 90% while improving the consistency and quality of the product. Scott Turbon Vacu-Blend Systems are suitable for a variety of sanitary processing applications including:


  • Dips, condiments, salad dressing & sauces
  • Batters
  • Juices & beverages
  • Salt brines & flavorings
  • Shampoos, conditioners & gels
  • Lotion & creams
  • Pigments, lipsticks & clay masks
  • Tablet coating
  • Ointments, gels & syrups
  • Buffer solutions
  • Sterile ingredients



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