Ampco Pumps L Series

  • Delicate & effective product handling capable of viscosities up to 1200 cP
  • Self-aligning shaft to extend seal life
  • Durable & built to last
  • Balanced impellers & tight manufacturing tolerances

The L Series centrifugal pump line-up from Ampco Pumps is engineered to deliver delicate and effective product handling capable of viscosities up to 1200 cP. All models are fully CIP-able (clean-in-place). The LC, LD, LF and LH are also 3A certified.


Included in L Series are model series:


  • LC featuring a single seal
  • LD featuring double seal
  • LF featuring front loading seal
  • LME featuring front loading seal
  • LH featuring high pressure handling


Durable Construction


With heavy wall cast and machined 316L stainless steel construction, 304 stainless steel adapters for corrosion resistance, and a self-aligning shaft to extend seal life, the L Series pumps are durable and built to last.


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Efficient Performance


The balanced impellers and tight manufacturing tolerances add to the efficiency of this durable line of pumps.


Pumps in Action


The sanitary, highly efficient design of the L Series makes it an ideal choice for critical and complex sanitary processing applications. Ampco L Series centrifugal pumps are customizable to meet our clients precise processing demands including, product traceability, electropolishing, modifying to create WFI (water for injection) style pumps for sterile applications and more.


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