SPX/APV Positive Displacement Pumps

SPX/APV Positive Displacement Pumps

  • Large pump offering to fit application needs
  • Hygienic positive displacement pumps
  • Improve plant performance & profitability


SPX is a leading innovator of solutions with decades of experience in positive displacement pump design. From the supply of engineered components to complete process engineering and design, SPX’s focus is improving plant performance and profitability. Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale has enabled SPX/APV to offer a complete range of hygienic positive displacement pumps.


SPX/APV Centrifugal Pump Offering Includes


  • DW Series Rotary Lobe Pump: The DW series is a rotary lobe pump offering high volumetric efficiency, ultra-hygienic design for CIP, pulse-free performance, gentle product handling and simple maintenance. The 26 DW models are hygienic, 3-A and EHEDG approved and cover all requirements from 3 litres /100 revs to 1016/100 revs. Maximum pressure up to 435 psi (30 bar.) All product contact parts are AISI 316L stainless steel and elastomers comply with FDA-requirements.
  • R-Series Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump: R-Series is known for it’s rugged, long lasting design and efficient performance. It is well suited for applications where pumps with metal rotors do not work effectively. When you need to strip clean your pump because the product will not wash out by using a normal CIP process such as meat processing, the R pump overcomes this problem with its simple robust design. The R pump design utilities a floating rotor without rotor nuts. Rotors are interchangeable and can only be fitted in one position due to a specially modified square shaft.



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