Tetra Pak Cheese Handling Equipment

Tetra Pak Cheese Handling Equipment

Tetra Pak has everything you may need for every aspect of cheese production.
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Decades of experience


With state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience, trust Tetra Pak and Rodem for your cheese handling equipment needs. Optimized for a wide range of cheese varieties, Tetra Pak allows you to use technical solutions to advance your cheese business. Thanks to decades of experience Tetra Pak cheese handling equipment can ensure consistent cheese and whey quality so you and your customers can trust the final product will be quality every time.

Tetra Pak Cheese Handling Equipment Product Benefits

Perfect for a wide range of uses

Follows industry best practices

Optimal results

Varied product portfolio

Solutions for all your Cheese Needs

With a holistic view of cheese making Tetra Pak offers many solutions to your cheese handling needs including: 

  • Block forming and bagging equipment 
  • Cheese brining and cooling equipment 
  • Cooking and stretching equipment for cheese 
  • Processing equipment for cheese curd making 
  • Draining, cheddaring, and mellowing equipment for cheese 
  • Draining, Forming & Mould filling for cheese production 
  • Draining & Washing solutions for cheese curd 
  • Processing equipment for liquid filled cheese 
  • Pressing and acidification equipment for cheese 
  • String cheese making 


Rodem specializes in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

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