Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 & V70

Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 & V70

With a single sensor target control board to handle all valve communication and functions and communication the single sensor target control of Alfa Laval’s ThinkTop V50 and V70 allows effortless control of hygienic valves.
  • Intuitive and simple setup
  • Waterproof design
  • 360° LED visual status indication


Alfa Laval’s ThinkTop fits a variety of valve types with ease and can be installed quickly thanks to its auto setup. All you need to is press “Select” and then “Enter” to begin your sequence and see valve position and condition.
The V50 and V70 ThinkTop is also cost-effective as it has a quick setup and saves up to 90% of water or cleaning fluid within your process thanks to Alfa Laval’s burst cleaning process.


These hygienic valves provide effortless control with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 control units. Their minimalist aesthetic housing is made of composite material with one sensor target control board which handles all valve functions and communication. No adapters, special tools or cover screws required. 

Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 & V70 Product Benefits

24/7 self-diagnostics

Can withstand vibration and thermal expansion

Reduces water consumption by up to 90%

Minimal water and cleaning media needed

Allows for live setup to reduce process downtime

Single sensor solution for Mixproof, butterfly and single seat valves

Reduce Risk with Self-Cleaning Tank Cleaning Device

Alfa Laval’s ThinkTop V50 and V70 can decrease CIP liquid consumption by up to 95% in drain vales because of Alfa Laval’s pulse-set cleanup. As drain vales make up 20% of all vales in typical process plants this can lead to immense savings.

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