Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves

Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves

Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves are available in a high-purity version for applications with the most stringent requirements.

  • Ideal for use with low & medium viscosity liquids
  • Straightforward solution, with quality construction to provide dependable performance for years.
  • Ensures batch-to-batch consistency, safeguard product characteristics & quality.


Butterfly valves from Alfa Laval are straightforward on/off routing valves with a substantial opening area and low-flow resistance. This makes them the workhorse solution in modern processing technology, ideal for use with low and medium-viscosity liquids. Alfa Laval butterfly valves bear the LKB designation.


Rodem carries an extensive inventory of Alfa Laval butterfly valves on hand. Shop for butterfly valves in our web store.


Alfa Laval Butterfly Valve Benefits

Ideal for use with low & medium viscosity liquids

Quality construction

Dependable performance

Ensure product consistency

Two Types of Valves



The Alfa Laval LKB range of butterfly valves consists of modular units designed to meet the full spectrum of requirements for effective, reliable butterfly valves at working pressures from full vacuum to 10 bar.


  • LKB with standard handle: Available with standard handle for straightforward manual operation, with a pulling/turning movement. The standard handle has a spring-locking action.
  • LKB for flange connections: Special version that makes it easy to remove the valve body without needing to dismantle piping set-ups. This in turn makes it easy to undertake repair, service and replacement with a bare minimum of disruption.
  • LKB with actuator: A selection of different actuators is available. The special actuator design, featuring double springs, makes sure that maximum torque is applied to the valve disc at breakaway and seal positions. This results in efficient, reliable opening and closing. Alfa Laval actuators are renowned for their exceptional reliability, regardless of operating conditions.
  • Clamp Butterfly Valves: The practical design of this in-line valve helps reduce the total installation cost. With a handle that can be mounted step-less (360°) in any direction, it is a very flexible solution and, thanks to its easy assembly and disassembly, the valve is ideal for applications that require fast and frequent maintenance.




Tailored for the unique challenges of the biopharm industry and other demanding hygienic applications, the Alfa Laval LKB UltraPure butterfly valve is designed to meet cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). It is supported by the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package which facilitates the validation process.


For reliable, high-performance products that ensure in-batch and batch-to-batch consistency, safeguard product characteristics and quality, count on Rodem and Alfa Laval’s butterfly valve line.

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