Alfa Laval Plug Valves

Alfa Laval Plug Valves

Alfa Laval Plug Valves are manufactured for use in sanitary applications. 

  • Ideal for use with low & medium viscosity liquids
  • Straightforward solution, with quality construction to provide dependable performance for years.
  • Ensures batch-to-batch consistency, safeguard product characteristics & quality.


With a variety of sanitary valves in our arsenal we also represent plug valves from an industry leading manufacturer. As with the rest of the lines we represent, these valves are manufactured strictly for the sanitary industry and are designed to meet your processing needs efficiently and effectively.

Alfa Laval Plug Valve Benefits

Designed to meet processing needs

Different connection options

Highly sanitary

Designed to meet your processing needs efficiently and effectively

Alfa Laval D10 & D11 Plug Valves

The D10 and D11 Plug Valves from Alfa Laval are bonded rubber or stainless steel plug valves used in the food industry where a sanitary closing device with minimum pressure drop is required. D10 and D11 plug valves are made for quick and simple operation. The D11 is a three-way valve and the D10 is a two-way valve.


The D10 and D11 are constructed of stainless steel AISI 304.  These valves are manufactured with a solid and rigid body made from drop forged homogeneous material, and the plug is rubber coated. Chrome plated and lapped metal plug is available as an option. This plug valve can be supplied with either weld, clamp or threaded connections.



Need This as Part of a Custom Solution?

Rodem specialized in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

Dependable in any Process

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