LIAG/Laufer Shutter Valves

  • No dead pockets = maximum safety
  • Hygienic design to meet sanitary processing industry regulations
  • Innovative technology & custom solutions
  • Shutter valves are CIPable & ideal for tricky applications with viscous products

LIAG shutter valves offer unparalleled quality and product safety for the low-germ processing of high grade media. With partners like Rodem, LIAG brings innovative valve technology and customized solutions to manufacturers in a variety of sanitary processing industries.


LIAG Customized Shutter Valves: 2-Way Control Shutter Valve


Ideal for controlling sensitive media containing particles the 2-Way Control Shutter Valve from LIAG is perfect for tricky applications containing pasty or viscous products. Dependent on the product this valve can deliver various shutter qualities and linearization inserts. Although control characteristics/rate of flow or the control range can be adapted to customer specs, the control is universally performed through a standard 4-20mA (0-10V) electro-pneumatic actuator.


Key Features of 2-way Control Shutter Valve


  • No dead pockets
  • CIP/SIP capability
  • Product-saving proportioning
  • No product remainders or sticking of solid particles
  • Full linearization option of control characteristic
  • Minimum number of components and wearing parts
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • 3-A 51-01 and FDA compliance
  • Identical wearing and spare parts as shutter valves
  • CRN


LIAG Customized Shutter Valves: Venturi Powder Control Valve


LAUFER Venturi powder control valves are created to facilitate smooth flow of powder through the valve, the middle port is orientated at a 135°/45° angle to the straight through passage. The Y-Arrangement of the inlet creates the perfect flow and vacuum exhaust characteristics for proportioning and dosing. This allows for a complete full bore without reducing the nominal Diameter as frequently experienced with the use of a butterfly valve. The Venturi powder control valve can substitute up to two Butterfly valves, which boosts the operating control of the unit.


Key Features of Venturi Powder Control Valve


  • Totally clear passage – no pressure loss
  • No dead pockets
  • No product retention or sticking of solid particles
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • Identical wearing and spare parts as shutter valves


LIAG Customized Shutter Valves: Leakage Control/Monitoring Accessory System


For maximum product safety of sensitive media LAUFER free flow shutter valves are available with a leakage monitoring system of the only dynamic O-ring. This product helps identify possible seal wear and defects and prevents any contamination from the outside Environment. The special designed leakage chamber can act as a steam barrier or offer monitoring via means of a level conductor control (dilution of glycerin).


Key Features Leakage Control/Monitoring Accessory System


  • Maximum product safety for aseptic processes
  • No contamination from the outside Environment by as a result of excessive wearing or a defective stem O-ring seal
  • Quick acting valve due to low operating torque requirements (ball-bearing supported main shaft)
  • Able to be retrofit to shutter valves


LIAG Customized Shutter Valves: Easy-Open Shutter Valve for the Meat Industry


Ideal for manual cleaning  without CIP LIAG® EASY-OPEN shutter valves are specially designed as reliable component of inline metal detectors and process lines in the meat industry without CIP cleaning. This valve performs easy and quick opening for manual cleaning (COP).


Key Features Easy-Open Shutter Valve


  • Hygienic design – no dead pockets
  • Totally clear passage – no pressure loss
  • Minimum number of components and wearing parts
  • EASY OPEN design for fast opening even when built in


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