Alfa Laval Unique SSV Aseptic

Alfa Laval Unique Single Seat Valves (SSV) Aseptic

Alfa Laval Unique SSV Aseptic’s one-piece diaphragm ensures full protection during processing and provides sealing against atmospheric intrusion. This valve is perfect for sterile process applications in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Cost-effective
  • Valve process safety
  • Reliable and robust


The Alfa Laval Unique SSV Aseptic is a remotely operated valve which can be operated by means of compressed air. This valve is fully modular and is equipped with a hermetic sealing diaphragm to ensure aseptic conditions during process operation. The Unique SSV Aseptic’s seal protects against the effects of microorganisms. The “sandwich construction’ of the Unique SSV Aseptic guarantees a long-life cycle and reliable performance. Alfa Laval’s Unique SSV Aseptic is highly versatile with the option to utilize either manual and pneumatic configurations. This range consists of one to three valve bodies, sealing, actuator, clamp right and sealing.

Alfa Laval Unique SSV Aseptic Product Benefits

Low total cost of ownership

Superior valve safety

Highly reliable

Increased valve hygiene

Versatile to fit processing needs

Valve durability

Reliable and Versatile

The Unique SSV Aseptic is a cost effective and highly versatile valve which meets the high standards of aseptic and hygiene compatibility. The valve, bodies, plugs, and actuators can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your sanitary processing needs.


Alfa Laval’s Unique SSV Aseptic is pressed from a single stainless-steel disc and is strong and durable to ensure safety in production. Wear reduction and extended life also result from the compression of O-rings in the Unique SSV Aseptic.

Need This as Part of a Custom Solution?

Rodem specialized in custom sanitary process fabrications and solutions. Discuss your full project needs with a Rodem team member to see how we can help you build the exact system you need.

Alfa Laval Unique Single Seat Valves (SSV) Aseptic Videos

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