Alfa Laval Single Seat Valves

  • Meets hygienic standards with extreme reliability & versatility
  • Straight-forward design means simple maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership & user friendly
  • Robust, dependable design serves as the fundamental building block for nearly all process installs

Single seat valves are one of the fundamental building blocks in virtually every kind of process installation.  This means they have to be extremely reliable and versatile to maintain uninterrupted production with a high hygiene standards. 


Alfa Laval is synonymous with high quality, dependable and innovative valve technology. For decades food, dairy, beverage and other high purity manufacturers across the US have counted on Alfa Laval’s line of single seat valves for performance and efficiency.


Alfa Laval Unique SSV


Alfa Laval Unique Single Seat Valves (SSVs) are robust, reliable and versatile pneumatic single seat valves designed for uninterrupted production in a broad range of hygiene-critical applications. Valve bodies, plugs and actuators of these pneumatic control valves can be configured to meet virtually any requirement resulting in cost-effective solutions that meet high standards of hygiene and aseptic compatibility.


Simple Maintenance & Low Cost of Ownership


  • Few moving parts reduce service requirements and inventory costs
  • Superior cleanability – smooth inner valve body (surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8μm) eliminates crevices
  • Extended seal life due to defined seal compression
  • Static seal leak detection helps ensure product safety
  • Double lip seal provides protection against bacterial contamination


Tried and tested valve safety: The Unique SSV range is built on a proven modular platform used on more than a million valves in service worldwide. Pressed from a single stainless steel disc, the valve body is robust and durable to ensure production safety. The enhanced performance of the actuator makes operation safe and efficient.


Alfa Laval 700 Series Valves


The Alfa Laval Tri-Clover® 700 Series is a range of air-operated single-seat valves that provide years of reliable performance, and have been installed for decades in various food, dairy and beverage plants across the US.


Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 700 Series Valves are equipped with heavy duty materials designed to stand up to years of pounding from hydraulic shock. Maintenance time and costs are reduced with Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 700 Series Valves. Additional benefits include:


  • Low cost of ownership and
  • CIP design helps to save on resources.


Dependable Design


Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 700 Series valves showcases a durable and dependable design with rugged plastic stem bushings, which eliminate metal-to-metal galling. In addition, the stem is threaded to the actuator shaft, eliminating the coupling between the stem and actuator, to ensure proper alignment. Bushings at each end of the cylinder support stem also ensure perfect alignment. Each valve features a heavy-duty bonnet and body ferrule design that will stand up to years of pounding from hydraulic shock.


A variety of styles and sizes


Alfa Laval Tri-Clover 700 Series valves are available in both long and short actuators, including a wide selection of shut-off and divert valves. Sizes range from 2″ (50 mm) to 4″ (102 mm), in normally opened or closed positions. A 32Ra surface finish is standard, with several valve body combinations to pick from.




  • Coated springs provide long life, high-holding pressures
  • Valve stem threads onto actuator stem, eliminating coupling
  • All wetted parts feature 316L stainless steel
  • A variety of ThinkTop automation options


Fill Your Project Gaps


Even in this era of continuous mixproof processing, 700 Series single-seat valves are the perfect valve project gap filler. Specifically, if a simple divert valve is needed, consider a 761 divert valve.


Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Unique 7000 Series


When hygiene and cost are crucial, the Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Unique 7000 series valves are the perfect solution for a wide range of dairy, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, biotech, personal care and other high purity applications.


Tri-Clover Unique 7000 single seat valves combine proven technology and innovative features, with a one-piece body molded from a single stainless steel disc. The Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Unique 7000 series valves are designed to offer:


  • Optimal Hygiene: No welds, superior cleanability, double working lip seal minimizing contamination.
  • Low Cost of Ownership: High performance actuator in both maintainable and non-maintainable versions, user friendly offering choice of level to match need.
  • Process Safety: One piece body providing strength, reliability and safe production
  • Savings: The one piece design eliminates the need for a steam barrier and results in fewer spare parts and less maintenance


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