Employee Testimonials

“What I like best about working at Rodem is that I feel like part of the team and that my job is respected. Rodem shows they care about the employees so in return the employees care about Rodem.”


-Jeff Ernst, Customer Service Representative (Team Member since 2010)

“Rodem has been successful because of their flexibility and willingness to put the customer first. Being a smaller company allows to focus better on customer needs and not the bottom line. Rodem also does right by their employees by making sure morale is up! Having happy employees makes it easier for them to do their job in satisfying the customer. This goes a long way towards company success.


I think Rodem is different because there is a focused balance on both customer and employee satisfaction. Rodem is like a family and customers are like their neighbors. Everyone cooperates to make their businesses successful.”

-Leah Duff, Customer Service Representative (Team Member since 2021)

“I like the people I work with and the flexibility to work from home when life demands it.”


-Eric Wormus, Project Procurement (Team Member since 2020)

“Rodem is different from others in the industry because ownership cares about and are invested in their employees. The knowledge base of everyone at Rodem and the family atmosphere has contributed to Rodem’s success.”


-Carrie Scott, Customer Service Representative (Team Member since 2012)

Talent and hard work have made Rodem successful. They set themselves apart from the industry by working as a cohesive unit from every angle of the business.”



– Process  & Piping Design  Engineer

“Rodem has a lot of dedicated, hardworking employees who care about the success of the company. The employees make the company feel like family. They have the ability to adapt and persevere over the years, with positivity.”


-Jill Bryant, Project Costing Coordinator & Office Admin (Team Member since 2000)

 “I like working with people that genuinely care about you and your families/personal well-being. The friendly atmosphere and my coworkers sense of humor make working at Rodem enjoyable.”



-Holly Lepolt, Supply Chain Administrator (Team Member since 2015)

“I feel that I’m challenged every day and I get to work with some of the best people in my field. We have many people with years of knowledge and an extensive product offering that have been critical in Rodem’s success.”


-Account Manager (Team Member since 1999)

“I like the people and their values the most. It is the people that truly drive the company and create its internal atmosphere. Everyone is kind, focused, and driven to succeed. There is not one person at Rodem that is unapproachable or unwilling to give you their attention. Some companies may seem like an 8 hour vacuum of time where you feel that you’ve had a third or more of your day just stripped away. At Rodem you can feel like you’re making a difference not just for yourself, but for the coworkers that you ultimately feel a sense of friendship with and want to provide positive results for.”

-Brian Stilts, IT Manager (Team Member since 2013)

“Rodem gives me the flexibility and confidence to manage my territory as I think is best. On the other hand, management and engineering is there to support me when I need it.”


-Greg Watkins, Account Manager (Team Member since 2002)

“My favorite part of my job is that it is something different every day, especially in the outside sales world. I enjoy solving problems and troubleshooting.”


-Bryan Newman, Account Manager (Team Member since 2000)

“I love the people that I work with and their infectious passion for the job and the contributions they make to Rodem. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new about Rodem and our clients.”


-Cathy Demerle, HR & Safety Manager (Team Member since 2018)

“There is a lot of reasons I like working for Rodem. If I had to choose one, I’d go with my colleagues. They give me advice whenever I have a question or need help. And I can always count on them for anything I need whether it’s a process in question or just a smile or a laugh.”

-Derek Morman, E-commerce Specialist (Team Member since 2018)

“Rodem has one of the best work environments. I come in everyday ready to take on what comes in. I feel respected and valued here. That is something many places do not offer to their employees. I get to work with a great group of Account Managers that make each day better. The satisfaction of landing a big order or getting a customer out of a bind is so rewarding.”


-Jenny Fravel, Customer Service Representative (Team Member since 2011)

“The people of Rodem are great to work with. Rodem has been very good to me and I feel like a valued member of the team. I truly enjoy working for Rodem. Larger corporations seem to treat you like a number, but Rodem treats you like family! Just look at the longevity of their employees. It is a great indicator of a work environment where you feel valued and important.”


– Customer Service Representative 

“Rodem cares about the people that work for them and have tried to make sure we know what is going on in every aspect of the business. They value our opinions. It’s like extended family.”


-Office Admin 

“Rodem’s philosophy of taking a genuine interest in our customer’s goals and helping them reach those goals is recognized by our long term customers. I enjoy working with my customers and helping them overcome the different challenges every day brings. The people in our company that help me do my job are great. They know when a situation is serious but can also make you laugh when you need it.”


-Donald Baines, Account Manager (Team Member since 1995)