Employee Spotlight: Cathy Demerle

Human Resources Manager Cathy Demerle works on everything HR-related at Rodem from payroll to employee relations. Working with recruitment, safety, and benefits Cathy plays a crucial role in the happiness and success of our employees.  She even volunteers on our Employee Engagement Committee where she leads inclusion, safety, and wellness programs.  Cathy is an adventurer at heart, spending her weekends camping, she enjoys the variety of her work at Rodem, and knows that no two days will be the same whether she’s on a trail or in our conference room.  

What’s the best piece of professional advice someone has given you?

“Listen closely and think before you speak.”

What is the coolest thing on your desk?

A cell phone stand. An engineering student gave it to me as a gift when he visited Rodem for the day. He made it on his 3D printer

What is a special skill or talent you have?

I am a ceramic potter. I refer to myself as a “hobby potter”. I have a small ceramic studio at home where I create functional pottery pieces on the pottery wheel or building by hand.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Travel. We have a campervan that we will travel in. Some of my favorite trips are to the beach, music festivals, and wineries. I also like to travel by train. I have taken the Amtrak to Glacier National Park and to San Francisco. My next train trip will be on the Alaska Railroad to Denali National Park.

Do you have a personal philosophy that drives you? What is it?

“If it doesn’t have two uses, I don’t need it.” This is especially true in the campervan. “If it doesn’t have two uses it doesn’t go in.”

Cathy's Favorites

  • TV Show– The Amazing Race
  • Store– Half-Price Books
  • Vacation Spot– I used to love the beach, but I have been spending more time in mountainous areas when I get the chance.
  • Season-I really like fall. It’s my favorite time of year to go camping