Brewery & Cellar Equipment

  • Flexibility to brew multiple styles of beer
  • Save money by reducing water & energy
  • Improve product yield
  • Limit product waste

As the craft brewing and wine industries have scaled up over recent years our manufacturing partners have created product offerings designed specifically to meet the unique challenges facing small to mid-scale breweries and wineries. Rodem has worked with brewers, wineries and distillers to incorporate various pumps, valves, UV, hoses, skidded solutions and more into their facilities. Our partner, Ampco Pumps has a line of equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of this unique industry.


Ampco Pumps Brewery & Cellar Equipment


The Ampco Pumps line of brewery and cellar equipment delivers high-quality, built to last innovative products developed on a proven pump platform. All Ampco Pumps brewery and cellar equipment products are designed to deliver optimal efficiency, improved process performance and simple maintenance.


Designed for Brewing, Wine & Cellar


  • Ampco’s CB+ Craft Brew Pump was engineered and built specifically for the craft beer industry. Eliminate the ongoing issue of leaking pumps with the Ampco CB+ pump. This pump offers a viable, long-term seal design solution to solve this nagging problem. For even more flexibility, the CB+ pump is interchangeable with Ampco’s AC and AC+ (conversion kits available).
  • Ampco’s ROLEC DH hop induction system is a fully portable unit offering all necessary capabilities and funtionality to dry hop beer more efficiently and safely in one convenient unit. ROLEC DH uses Ampco’s SBI Shear Pump to simultaneously induce dry hop pellets directly into the stream of beer and recirculate the fermenter.
  • The Cellar Cart from Ampco is ideal for breweries and clean-in-place (CIP) applications. Created for maximum mobility, it is constructed of stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Premium pump technology is found on Ampco’s Wine & Must Cart featuring the ZP1 positive displacement pump with its standard stainless steel gearcase. The Wine & Must Cart is used most often in wine and juice transfer, barrel work, filter feeding, and bottling and filler supply.


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