Ampco Pumps AC/AC+ Series

  • Great reliability at a cost-effective price
  • 100% interchangeable parts with other brands
  • Innovative shaft design improves stability & maximize performance
  • Max flow rates of up to 1100 gpm or 250 m3/h

The Ampco AC/AC+ Series of centrifugal pumps is a sanitary industry leader for performance reliability and durability.


The AC/AC+ features a straight forward and simple to maintain sanitary design. With wetted parts constructed from 316L stainless steel, the AC/AC+ is corrosion resistant, 3A Certified for sanitary use and offers performance and reliability at a cost-effective price. All AC/AC+ Series pumps are engineered to the original C Series standard, parts and complete pumps are both hydraulically and dimensionally interchangeable with other manufacturers’ pumps.


AC/AC+ Series Advantages


  • AC/AC+ Parts are 100% Interchangeable with Competing Brands
  • AC+ has a Unique Shaft Design Comparable to Competitor’s More Expensive Models
  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction and Stainless Steel Adapters are Standard
  • Optional NPT or Flange Connections
  • Low Cost
  • One week Standard Delivery


AC+ Series Adds Innovation


The AC+ takes the best of the AC Series pump, and adds engineering innovation to the shaft design for improved stability and maximized performance.


  • The simple yet inventive design modifications of the threaded impeller nut and clamped stub shaft takes the traditional C Series and escalations its reliability and clean-ability.
  • The advanced shaft design of the AC+ reduces vibration, increases seal life and eliminates the less sanitary impeller pin design of the traditional C Series.


While the pump enhancements mirror costly counterparts, Ampco is committed to providing advancements at economical prices.



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