Strahman Adapters

Strahman Adapters

Strahman hose adapter are made to cover standard hose sizes including barbed end and garden variety.
  • Brass or stainless-steel construction 
  • Full range of motion


Strahman adapters have an exclusive design which enables vertical, circular, and horizontal movement of the nozzle without repositioning the hose. Offered in stainless steel or brass thewy can match virtually any hose.

Strahman Adapters Product Benefits

Reduces water use

360 degree rotation

Maximizes safety

Increased comfort

3 Designs to Choose From

  • Swivel Pro Adapters: With an exclusive ergonomic these adapters increase nozzle control while maximizing comfort and safety. 
  • Mini Swivel Adapter: With a 360o rotation can be used t maintain a comfortable washdown.  
  • Standard Swivel Adapters: Perfectly fit Strahman hoses and offer 360o rotation. 


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