Washdown Stations

  • Decrease your facilities energy & water consumption
  • Generate utility saving to positively impact your organizations bottom line
  • Mixing units for hot & cold water
  • FDA approved hoses
  • Reduced water & energy consumption
  • Precise temperature control gauges

The proper washdown systems and associated equipment can decrease your facilities energy and water consumption and in return positively impact your organizations bottom line. Rodem partners with industry leading hose and washdown station manufacturers to offer proven designs for fast and effective cleanup.


Meet FDA/USDA Requirements & Maintain a Sanitary Environment

  • Little maintenance required, economical solutions
  • Durable units with a reliable performance
  • Options for reduced water and energy consumption

Strahman Washdown Equipment


Strahman’s Wash Down Equipment is the standard in virtually every industry requiring precise temperature control, long-lasting and trouble-free wash down systems.


Strahman’s current product line includes single line hose bibs, mixing units for hot and cold water, steam and cold water, stainless steel cabinets, pre-rinse spray nozzles, a wide array of industrial spray nozzles, industrial hoses, FDA approved hoses, hose racks, hose reels, stainless steel jacketed transfer hoses and fittings, PTFE lined hoses, and special application hoses.


Rodem also offers washdown equipment and mixing stations from Ace Sanitary and SuperKlean. We stock a variety of hose stations and accessories such as hoses and spray nozzles in our warehouse and can often ship same day.


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