Sanitary Flow Switches, Sensors & Meters

Rodem’s flow switches and meters offer a precise measuring principle and a high-precision application for nearly all liquids in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and other high purity industries. These devices have a variety of applications including:


  • accurate dosing when mixing beverages or dairy products
  • recipe control for mixed or soft drinks
  • monitoring of production processes in breweries or CIP systems
  • high-precision control of bottling lines


Flow sensors carefully monitor your devices to allow preventative maintenance and lack or product loss saving time and money in your processing facility. These devices also allow for indirect savings through improved blending and recipe optimization. 


Offering flow solutions from Anderson-Negele and Endress+Hauser, our Rodem team can match your sanitary processing facility with the right parts to ensure you are running smoothly and efficiently.  Whether you are looking for a sanitary flow meter or flow switch our team can ensure you have the best products for your sanitary process. 


Contact Rodem to discuss how we can meet your flow needs.

 Flow switches and hygienic flow meters can be used in high sanitary processing facilities to monitor their correct process operation and  provide superior technical safety.  

The preferred sensor for hygienic applications with high standards trust the Promag H for your processing needs.

Endress+Hauser’s Proline Promass Q 300 Coiolis Flowmeter offers remote display, connectivity options, and access from one side. 

Trust the Promass Q 300 for custody transfer applications in your processing facility.