Anderson-Negele Flow Switches & Flow Meters

  • Compatible with most existing applications with no changes to piping
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Backlit graphic display to show numbers, text, & images
  • Ability to satisfy an expanded list of high temperature & aseptic applications

Anderson-Negele flow switches and flow meters offer a precise measuring principle and a high-precision application for nearly all liquids in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and other high purity  industries. Typical examples are:


  • accurate dosing when mixing beverages or dairy products
  • recipe control for mixed or soft drinks
  • monitoring of production processes in breweries or CIP systems
  • high-precision control of bottling lines

Anderson Flow Meters & Switches Can Save Costs


Measuring the quantity or volume with the highest accuracy can directly save costs due to loss prevention and better use of resources. Indirectly a cost reduction is achieved by recipe optimization and improved control of the blending process. Flow switches are primarily used to control costs by minimizing risks.


Anderson IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Electromagnetic flow meter with integral electronics for conductive liquids or slurries


Mass Flow Meter


Micro Motion is globally recognized as the leader in reliable, high performance coriolis measurement technology.


HM Turbine Flow meter


Sanitary turbine flow meter to measure the clear liquid flow


FTS Flow Switch


FTS Calorimetric flow switch with display for aqueous liquids


CS2/3 Milk Receiving System


Certifiable intake and load out systems for the accurate measurement of milk.


AE Air Eliminator


Self contained pressure vessel for the removal of air in liquid products


HMP Life Sciences Turbine Flow Meter


Turbine flow meter designed to meet BPE requirements for the measurment of liquid flow.


BC110 – Batch Controller


Electronic display with integral PLC to control a batch process application



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