Point Level Sensors

Point Level Sensors

Anderson-Negele Point Level Sensors offer optimized performance for liquids with entrained gas.

  • Broad range of level sensors 
  • Multiple applications in one instrument 
  • Simple set up & easy to use 

Level Transmitters

  • D3 Differential Pressure & Level Transmitter- New D3 Pharma Differential Pressure and Level Transmitter which is the most complete electronic differential transmitter with best-in-class performance and dual mA output developed for Life Science Industry 
  • L3P Pressure Transmitter- New L3 pharma Pressure and Level Transmitter to measure process pressure or hydrostatic level in sanitary process applications for Life Science Industry. 
  • SL Inventory Grade Hydrostatic Level Transmitter- Hydrostatic level transmitter for atmospherically vented vessels 
  • NSL-M Compact Potentiometric Level Transmitter- Probe type process level transmitter is the compact, high temperature alternative to the NSL-F 
  • HB Control Grade Hydrostatic Level Transmitter- Hydrostatic level sensor for pasteurization balance tanks 
  • LD “Top Mount/Dipstick” Level Transmitter- Top-down hydrostatic level transmitter for non-conductive liquids 
  • TDL DP Level Transmitter for Pressure/Vacuum Vessels- Differential pressure-based level transmitter without capillary 
  • SX Life Sciences Series Hydrostatic Level Transmitter- Life Sciences series hydrostatic level transmitter for open vessels 
  • LA Life Sciences Series “Top Mount” Level Transmitter- Life Sciences series top-down hydrostatic level transmitter 

Point Level Sensors Benefits

Optimized performance for liquids with entrained gas

Limited complexity

Space saving installation

Heartbeat Technology provides integrated verification

Full access to diagnostic information

Fewer measuring points

Sensors and Monitors

  • NSL-F Continuous Level Sensor- The NSL-F is the next generation of potentiometric technology. It is a direct replacement for the LN and offers additional features 
  • LT Multi Channel Level Monitor- The Liqui-Track 800 can be ordered with one or two input modules to accommodate four or eight tanks and multiple output options 

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