Point Level Sensors

  • Ability to select sensitivity
  • Fast reaction time
  • Simple installation & set up
  • Can accommodate a broad range of liquid media

Anderson-Negele level sensors offer the right measuring technology for all hygienic applications and even for foaming or pasty media. Precise point level detection is an essential basis for maximum process and application reliability. This efficiently prevents pumps from dry running or vessels from overflowing and helps to automate filler applications with minimum product loss due to precise full / empty signals. A point level switch detects that a defined filling level has been reached and emits a switch signal for process control.


LS Capacitive Point Level Switch


Capacitive Point level switch with PNP or NPN output


LB/LL Conductive Point Level Sensors and Modules


Conductive point level probe for use with external relay modules


NCS31P Life Sciences Series Capacitive Point Level Switch


Life Sciences series capacitive point level switch for liquids


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