Process Pressure Transmitters & Pressure Gauges

Process pressure transmitters and pressure gauges are ideal for pressure measurement in pipelines and/or containers and are specially designed for the high requirements and standards of the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical sector.


In almost all production processes in dairies, breweries, the beverage industry, wine production, juice production and other food plants, pressure gauges and sensors make a significant contribution to ensuring the efficiency and function of the processes and contribute to the quality of the products. High-precision monitoring of the process pressure and reliable protection against contamination during the running process are critical. In the life science and pharmaceutical industry, even higher demands are placed on material quality and often also on precise adherence to the specified pressure specifications.


Versions are also available for very low pressures, for very high pressures, for differential pressure or remote pressure measurement.


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Anderson-Negele pressure transmitters and gauges are well-suited for exact measurement in containers required to meet high sanitary standards.
This highly flexible device works to provide precision and efficiency to your sanitary processing facility
The PMP55 is suitable for high pressure and extreme process temperature sanitary applications.