Ampco Pumps In-tank Mixers

  • Stainless steel construction engineered for 3A compliance & CIP
  • Effectively hydrates, dissolves, homogenizes, disperses & emulsifies products
  • Reduces processing time & consistency
  • Boosts throughput & product quality

Ampco’s in-tank mixer, the Jet-Shear hydrates, dissolves, homogenizes, disperses and emulsifies products consistently and efficiently for various applications in food, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. The multiple interchangeable stainless steel work heads are engineered for 3A compliance and CIP. The JET-shear can be used in open and closed tanks, drums or tote processing up to 1000 gallons/ 3785 liters.


High Shear In-Tank Mixing


Precisely manufactured propellers at the top and bottom of the work head draw material in and the centrifugal force moves the media out through the slots creating a mechanical shear. The Jet-Shear from Ampco can:


  • Reduce processing time
  • Increase product quality
  • Improve consistency of the blend
  • Boost throughput


The robust design and construction of the JET-shear ensures its ability to handle the toughest applications. Custom shaft lengths, varying motor styles and mounting options are available.



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