Scott Turbon High Shear Batch Mixers & Mixing Technology

  • Stainless steel construction for use in food, cosmetic, biopharma & other sanitary applications
  • Ideal for powder wetting, dispersing, de-agglomerating & emulsifying
  • Improve product consistency & boost production

For decades Scott Turbon has manufactured high-performance, long-lasting stainless-steel high shear mixers for use in the food, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and other sanitary industries.


Throughout North America, Scott Turbon mixers are the top choice for manufacturing a wide variety of consumer products, including salad dressings and sauces, creams, and lotions. Their high shear mixers and mixing systems are ideal for:


  • Powder wetting
  • Dispersing
  • De-agglomerating
  • Emulsifying


Scott Turbon Mixing Technology: Mixing Heads


The Scott Turbon head distinctively draws product from both the top and bottom of the batch simultaneously, dispersing product quickly throughout the tank. This rotor technology provides excellent horizontal and vertical batch flow, resulting in evenly sheared and dispersed product and time and resource savings.              


Scott Turbon Lab Mixers


Scott Turbon Laboratory High Shear Mixers are designed for use by product formulators in benchtop development applications, for use in process scale-up in pilot plants, and can be used for small-scale production of small volume, high value products.


High Shear Top Mount Batch Mixers


For top mounting installations, Scott Turbon delivers the robust design, model TM mixer.  Perfect for use in washdown environments, the TM model high shear mixer is used to quickly incorporate and disperse the most difficult-to-handle ingredients.


High Shear Bottom Mount Batch Mixers


For bottom mounting installations, Scott Turbon offers the compact design, model BM mixer.  Well suited for use in washdown environments, the BM model high shear mixer is used for high shear mixing duty in a variety of applications, swiftly incorporating and dispersing the most difficult-to-handle ingredients.


Hydraulic Ram Mixers


Scott Turbon Hydraulic Ram (HR) Mixers are a flexible and high capacity platform for the Scott Turbon Mixing head technology.  Designed and built for pilot to full-scale operation, the ability to position the Mixing head at different heights enables the processing of a variety of batch sizes and viscosities.


Sample Applications


  • Powder wetting and dispersion
  • Gums and Rheology modifiers such as Xanthan gum, CMC, Carbopol
  • Mineral powders such as Titanium dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Oxide
  • Flavoring, Color, sweeteners
  • Emulsions
  • Oil/water, immiscible phase mixing and homogenizing



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