Infini-Mix Inline Mixers


Infini-Mix Inline Mixers cover a wide range of mixing applications from delicate “no” shear, to simulate manual stirring, all the way to “high” shear homogenizing & emulsifying.

  • Delivers increased processing consistency, efficiency & protects product quality
  • Works with Infinimix pump to deliver low shear product handling, the ability to pass large solids without degradation & products from thin to thick, high suction capability, smooth & virtually pulse-free product delivery


Infini-Mix offers a complete line of dynamic inline mixers for the widest range of mixing intensities and applications. From delicate “no” shear, to simulate manual stirring, all the way to “high” shear homogenizing and emulsifying the Infini-Mix has the inline mixer to match your processing specifications while delivering consistency, efficiency and protecting product integrity.


Common Applications for Infini-Mix Inline Mixers

  • Butter & margarine
  • Chewing gum
  • Deli salads
  • Chocolate & confectionary
  • Dairy products
  • Detergents & cleaners
  • Dressings, sauces & dips
  • Edible oils & oil refining
  • Flavorings & concentrates
  • Lotions, creams & ointments
  • Hydrocolloids, gums, thickeners & starches
  • Ice cream
  • Marshmallow
  • Hard candies, molten sugar masses & non-chocolate confectionary
  • Peanut butter
  • Prepared foods
  • Processed cheese
  • Yogurt blending



Liquid-liquid: Infini-Mix™ offers the widest range of dynamic, inline mixers for blending multiple streams of liquids simultaneously. Their Liquid-Liquid mixers range in mixing intensity from low shear to simulate manual stirring, all the way up to high shear homogenizing and emulsifying. Watch video.




Solid-liquid: Infini-Mix™ Solid Liquid Mixers can be designed for any level of mixing intensity for a Single Pass, Continuous Process or for a Batch Process. The Infini-Mix™ Solid Liquid offering delivers delicate handling, to simulate manual stirring, up to high shear homogenizing & emulsifying. Infini-Mix™ offers a solution for both batch or continuous, single pass processes. Watch video.




Infini-Mix™ offers Liquid-Gas Mixers for blending multiple ingredient streams simultaneously. Liquid + Gas mixing is a specialized field. It can involve using steam to cook a product continuously (inline) as well as aerating a fat mass with CO2 or nitrogen to create form and structure. The Infini-Mix™ LG Series mixers are capable of handling these wide ranging applications. Watch video.


Infinimix’s complete offering of INLINE, dynamic mixers provides for the widest range of mixing intensities. While most of our competitors focus on “high” shear, we offering everything from delicate “no” shear, to simulate manual stirring, all the way up to “high” shear homogenizing and emulsifying.

Infini-Mix Inline Mixer Product Benefits

Wide range of products

Ensure product integrity

Highly efficient

Can simultaneously blend multiple streams of liquids

Infini-Mix Series

  • N Series Mixer: The Infini-MixTM “N” Series mixer is for delicate blending of multiple liquid ingredient streams. Gently mixing fruit prep into white mass for traditional yogurt or blending small amounts of flavoring or coloring into a malt beverage are both common applications for this series. Any liquid with delicate structure or large solids or sensitivity toward slight temperature changes are ideal applications. The “N” series mixer will maintain the highest levels of product integrity.
  • P Series Mixer: The Infini-MixTM “P” Series Mixer is engineered for low shear mixing applications, typically for heavier and more viscous products like blending honey into peanut butter. These rotor designs are “pin-shaped” with rounded edges with a range of spacing between the stages based on the application and what size particulate you may want to maintain.
  • S Series Mixer: The “S” series mixer is the workhorse of the Infini-MixTM Liquid-Liquid product offering and perfect for medium shear mixing applications. Characterized by star-shaped mixing elements on the rotor and stator, the “S” series mixer is able to receive multiple ingredient streams simultaneously and handles viscosities up to 10,000,000cps. All “S” series mixers come standard with a jacketed housing for heating or cooling the product. This unit is also available with a temperature controlled rotor for precise temperature control.
  • H Series Mixer: The Infini-MixTM “H” Series Dynamic Mixer & Homogenizer is for High Shear Mixing applications such as emulsifying and creating true suspension. Capable of reducing globules to ~2 micron, the H series homogenizer is well suited for shearing Xanthan, Guar and other hydroscopic gums in a single pass. The disperser uses centrifugal force to force the liquid slurry through a series of tight tolerance mixing elements to create hydraulic shear.

Good Mixers Require Good Pumps


Infinimix twin screw pumps provide extensive benefits making them ideal for continuous, inline mixing and blending. Low shear product handling, the ability to pass large solids without degradation, high suction capability, smooth & virtually pulse-free product delivery, ability to handle thick as well as thin products with the same pump, and more make Infinimix twin screw pumps the perfect match with the Infini-Mix inline mixers.

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Infini-Mix Products Allow Flexibility & Hygiene