Piston/Drum Pumps

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  • Piston pumps can achieve up to 99% evacuation rates without product damage or heating
  • Eliminate sanitary & safety concerns with manual evacuation
  • Easy to clean, reducing production delays during product changeover

Maximize unloading efficiency and make every drop count with powerful piston pumps and efficient electric drum pumps from our piston and drum pump partner, Graco.


Transfer Difficult Ingredients with Graco Piston Pumps


Optimize the transfer of any ingredient from its original container to fillers and mix kettles with the powerful Graco Piston Pump. Each size pump achieves up to 99% evacuation rates without damaging, heating, or contaminating your ingredients. These pumps help reduce ingredient waste, boost transfer time, and eliminate safety concerns that leader to worker injury. Common applications include flowable lotion, tomato paste, peanut butter, caramel and corn syrup.


Maximize Unloading


  • Three pump lengths for maximum application versatility for drums, bin and shorter length.
  • Simple to move difficult materials with low to medium viscosities like sauces, juices and beverages.
  • Quick knockdown features ensure simple and rapid cleaning for overall improved efficiency.


Increase Processing Efficiency with Graco Electric Drum Pumps


Increase ingredient processing from drums to kettles and fillers with Graco electric drum pumps. They are available in both centrifugal and progressive cavity configurations and can quickly, safely and hygienically transfer ingredients resulting in time and cost savings.


Quickly & Safely Transfer Low to High Viscosities


Graco SaniForce drum pumps make it simple to transfer low, medium and high viscosity fluids from ingredient drums. Graco Drum Pumps are easy to clean, reducing production delays during product changeover. The sanitary pump design is ideal for most food, beverage and personal care applications including edible oil, juices and concentrates, pharmaceuticals, personal care production, and fluid transfer in breweries, distilleries and wineries.



Speak with a Rodem representative to learn more about piston and drum pumps today by completing our online form or calling us at 800-543-7312.